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Who we are?

StarSMS is the mobile advertising arm of Starware Group the leading ICT company in Egypt, Arab region focusing on customer satisfaction by providing unique services help people to achieve their goals simply and smart. STARSMS® was established in 2005 in Cairo, Egypt with the vision of employing Information and Communication Technologies ICT in its portfolio of integrated services, targeting local and regional markets

Vision:To be one of the top 10 SMS providers in middle east in 2020.

Mission:Providing our clients the best SMS Services.

what we do?

Bulk SMS
Mobile advertising

Services & Solutions

Why BulkSMS?

High visibility: Over 90% of messages received are readable.

Widespread range: for all customers using a mobile phone.

Lesser time: very fast delivery for information to your clients.

Lesser effort: You can reach thousands of users with one single procedure.

Direct: direct to your targeted clients.

Cost effective: SMS is one of the cheapest communication tools ever.

The simplest way to start your SMS campaign is to send bulk SMS right from your web browser.

why starSMS?

Vast experience in Mobile advertising field since 2005.

Achieving High level of customer's satisfaction and loyalty.

Professional level of support, service.

High Throughput.

Competitive pricing.


Available Vacancies :

Often based in busy call or business centres you'll work as part of a sales team, so it's not for those that like to work alone. Very much a typical desk job, you'll be tied to the telephone and sitting at your workstation for long periods of time so it’s not a career for anyone who fears feeling office bound. While sales executives often work regular 9 – 5, Monday to Friday hours, large call centres may operate


Service Level Agreement:

STARSMS® will guarantee to make all efforts to correct unexpected routing failures by switching traffic to a redundant gateway. StarSMS will not guarantee that all routing failures can be corrected, due to situations that may arise outside of StarSMS’s control.


Q: How long does it take to deliver SMSs?

A: Messages are delivered within 15 seconds.

Q: Is it possible to use dynamic "sender id"?

A: you can use Alphanumeric "sender id" based on STARSMS® coverage.

Q: Do you support non-English SMS?

A: Yes, you can send non-English Characters. (The text will be written in your language).

Q: Do you have any other costs involved to send SMS?

A: There are no setup fees or monthly fees or any other additional fees.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It depends on your volume of SMS.

Q: Does STARSMS® SMS platform require any specific external device to send bulk messages?

A: STARSMS® SMS platform does not require any specific external device to send bulk messages.

Q: Is it easy to use STARSMS® Platform?

A: Of Course, it is very easy. You can send lot of SMSs. STARSMS® will provide you with your account details and how to use it.

Q: How STARSMS® Software is useful in mobile marketing or corporate world?

A: STARSMS® uses NOW SMS Software, you can send bulk text messages to individual or group of people at a time supporting both national and international mobile networks.

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Our valued clients, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to answer your questions and respond to your complaints.


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Serag Mall Tower 3.Entrance 5,Office57 , Nasr City.

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+20 2 2287 1140

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+20 2 2287 0646

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Eh galal hospital st, Entrance to bin Younis, Benghazi.

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Tel. :

+97444449397 & +97444424046